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In Thailand, massage is known as "old" or "traditional" massage. It consists of a combination of acupressure, shiatsu and yoga elements.

During massage, the specific points of the body's energy are very slowly and rhythmically driven with pain and release of tension.


The massage that is sometimes called "yoga for lazy people", because the person massaged during a massage does several postures relevant to yoga.

The massage begins with the feet to then move in the direction of the head, the body is gently moved, relaxed and stretched.

The massage that affects the body in the way that leads to a complete healing of the body, energy and spirit.

What Thai massage can do for you ?


Thai massage is considered :

  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Energize
  • Opens the meridians in which vital energy flows
  • Relieves muscle pain and tension
  • Restores flexibility and elasticity
  • Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Allow a healthy sleep
  • Cures back, neck, arm pain, removes numbness and relieves heavy legs
  • Relieves headaches, during stress and mental fatigue


Thai massage is suitable for people of all ages, active and less active, healthy and those who suffer from various diseases.

This massage has valuable effects for a healthy recovery, it is estimated that it reduces convalescence time, helps to calm the mind and find the right balance of body. Thai massage is considered to provide relaxing and energizing benefits not only for the massed person but also for the masseur, introducing peace and positive feelings.

What to expect from Thai massage ?


The Thai massage is done entirely dressed, on the ground on a carpet of planks or on a light mattress. Treated person makes several different postures derived from five basic positions - lying on his back, on his stomach, on the side and inverted and sitting position. The meditative state is an important element, so Thai massage is usually done in silence, allowing you to focus and think.


At the beginning of the treatment, the therapist will evaluate which areas of the body need healing and he will adapt the massage techniques. Thai massage consists mainly of pressure on certain points of the whole body - from the feet, and then the body parts to the head. The masseur uses a variety of different techniques, usually a slow and rhythmic pressure of his body, but also elements for the most part rhythmic, slow pressure body, as well as elements of stretching, passive yoga, and work with them. meridians. All this to release tension and unlock the flow of energy. This massage provides a deep relaxation that brings many positive changes in the body which leads to the restoration of balance and harmony.


One of the main features of a traditional Thai massage is the blocking and unblocking of blood circulation, known as "Trigger Point Therapy". The Thai massage ends with a massage of the head (similar to the Indian massage of the head), after which the masseur mouths with his fingers the ears of the person massed to reintegrate the thoughts with the reality.



After treatment.

Thailand is proud of its name of "Land of Smiles". After treatment, you will feel surrounded by feelings of satisfaction and tranquility. An unusual combination of calm and energy, a feeling of lightness. Allow yourself a gradual and gentle return to the real world, and as after all treatments, it is recommended to rehydrate by drinking a large amount of water.




Thai Classic and Thai Wat Pho massages are both performed on clothing. We give the customer, for this purpose, a special suit for Thai massage.

By pressing certain points of the body determined, from the feet to the head, we stimulate the energetic zones of the body. This massage is performed not only with the palms of the hands, but also with the thumbs, forearms, elbows, knees and feet. Each client can ask for more or less pressure to adapt to each sensitivity.


For the Thai Classic massage, we have adapted this technique somewhat to relieve the evils created by our Western way of life, that is to say to respond to frequent back and shoulder pain.


The Thai Wat Pho massage is an ancient traditional massage in Thailand, named after the famous temple in Bangkok, where massage classes have been held since the beginning of time. This massage, even if it is performed from feet to head, focuses primarily on the energy point of the legs and feet.

Thai massage with aromatic oils


It is a relaxing and revitalizing massage with aromatic oils, including coconut and milk oils.

It consists of a combination of acupressure techniques with Ayurvedic massage elements. Relax and relieve stress. Relieves the pains of the shoulders, back, legs. It accelerates the elimination of toxins from our body.


The coconut oil massage is performed by heating the oil before the massage and provides relaxation tenfold.

Thai massage head, BACK AND shoulders


The combination of different massage techniques, effectively removes post-traumatic and chronic pain from different parts of the spine.


Massage with relaxing ointments removes painful tension in all parts of the back, relaxes and soothes.

Thai massage with hot herbs


It is practiced using cotton pouches containing herbs and spices. The pouches are heated to release essential oils contained in the herbs, then is used to massage the whole body by repeated pressure.


Herbal massage has a positive effect on joints and muscles, removes pain, improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

Thai foot massage - reflexology


Acupressure technique of the feet combined with a leg massage.

This massage is practiced with extracts of peppermint oil, menthol balm, camphor and beeswax. It is an excellent treatment that eliminates the feeling of heavy and tired legs.

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